"For Seattle trio Night Ships, the leaps made between styles are simply something in their musical DNA. Endearingly post-punk, the band expands their sound often within the limits of one track, to include style and substance that are on the fringes." -EAR TO THE GROUND MUSIC

"Songs like ‘Fresh Ethos’ are a rarity these days, with grandiose arrangements and a voice that appears from the fog like a lighthouse beam steadying a faltering ship. For all the indie rock devices however there is a folky influence to temper any descent into slacker noodling. Be slanted my dears but most of all be enchanted as it swirls like something from a great mid-90’s soundtrack. And all topped off by a hero leadman with an unmistakable character to his vocal deliveries. Seattle, you are doing it again."- MP3HUGGER

"Tinged with post punk and emo, this group explore straight up melodies and earnest emotion amidst fuzzy and shoegazey guitar work. ‘Fresh Ethos’ and ‘She Sleeps In Tree’s display the bands’ knack for creating a pop song and wrapping it in barbed wire. ‘Defaulter of Skill’ sees them adopt a more angular and distinctly ‘English’ approach. There’s a real punch to the production here. Drums wallop, guitars hurt, and the vocals dip into a vulnerable quaver at points. Nice."- OVERFLOW MUSIC